Re: [gardeners] Introduction

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 07:02:21 -0600

>So the question at hand is:  just how do you preserve your onions
>until next spring, or whenever..? In fact, those of you who harvest so
>many, many lbs of potatioes, how do YOU preserve them until next
>season..? I have trouble enough keeping them in the fridge! The 
>onions tend to sprout, and the spuds are inclined to get limp.  
>Penny, NY zone 6, without a root cellar......
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Onions that have good air circulation keep best.  I have mesh onion bags,
and nails pounded into studs in the basement, from which to hang the onion
bags.  Potatoes do sprout, but I keep them in liquor boxes with flap lids
intact so they're only exposed to daylight when I'm getting taters out.
"Greening up" that Bill mentioned is a reaction to sunlight.  The potato is
developing solanine, I think it's called.  It results in green skin or
spots on potatoes that must be removed before you eat the spud because it
is a toxic alkaloid.  Don't eat green potatoes.  Margaret