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When potatoes are exposed to light, sunlight especially, they begin turning
green. The green is a chemical called solanine which is unwholesome to
poisonous depending on the individual and the amount ingested. It is
especially hard on people with arthritis and they should avoid any fruit of
the solanum family (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, tomatillos,
etc).  Some varieties of potatoes are more affected than others. Kennebecs
are one, Shapodies are another. I is my opinion  that the lighter the skin
colour of the potato, the more likely it is to green up. In the spring, I
deliberately expose my seed potatoes since the greening process helps them
sprout faster. This process is called chittering.HTH (Bill & Chris Loke)[Z4/5 on a good day]
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>Bill & Chris, what does it mean when potatoes 'green up'...?
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