[gardeners] Saturday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 14 Nov 1998 16:39:55 -0800

The day started with a very early morning deluge. We finally got some of
the rain that was hitting the Houston area last week. Minor street
flooding, no home or car damage, just lots of wet. The rest of today has
been a variety of weather, when the rain stopped the sun came out for a
couple of hours, then it started sprinkling rain again, then the rain
quit and the clouds came out to play. Has been twilight since a little
after 1:00 pm.

Not able to play in the garden I went off to a clients place at 9:00 am
and then back to home to put on a pot of vegetable and turkey neck soup.
This is really more of a "stoup", it's pretty thick with tomatoes, green
beans, a variety of dried beans, corn, carrots, and bell pepper. Gonna
be right tasty this evening. We had contemplated going out to dinner but
elected to stay home with more bad weather threatening. I also made a
pan of bar cookies, made with persimmon pulp. Tasty little things so
will probably make some more. Helped a friend learn more about his
computer software yesterday and he gifted us with oriental persimmons,
about 20 of them. The pureed pulp now resides in the freezer as they
were almost over ripe. Looks like we'll have a persimmon pie on
Thanksgiving and we may make a batch of persimmon jam.

It's been a good day to sit around and read with Sleepy Dawg laying up
beside me snoozing. I'm re-reading the works of Nicholas Monsarrat and
thoroughly enjoying his sea stories. Hope all are having a good weekend.

George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg