[gardeners] storm damage

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 06:21:20 -0600

Well, we drove out to the south end of town to view the damage yesterday
afternoon.  A very humbling experience.  and I know they have cleaned up a
lot of it.  Out of the 500 homes in the subdivision, about 100 of them were
damaged adn 20 were completely destroyed.  awesom and totally frightening.  
	Going to the Lake today - proably have to rake up tons of hickory nuts.
That makes for some tiring raking.  Glad our yard isn't any bigger than it
is!  Ray dug the rest of the bulbs yesterday.  I had wanted to be outside -
it was a beautiful day, but worked at the store for a friend of mine in the
morning and spent the afternoon with a bride planning her April wedding
flowers.  Looks like it will be another busy busy summer with weddings!  
	Guess we will also dig up the cannas we planed down there and put the boat
to "bed" for the winter.  Really do hate to see winter come.  Supposed to
get up to 60 tomorrow. 
	penny - still picking raspberries!!! YUM YUM!  And George with his
persimmons - sounds wonderful.  We are just still eating tomatoes which we
picked green and are ripening.  
	Hope the rest of you have a good one!
	Barb in Columbia, Mo.
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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