Re: [gardeners] Saturday

George Shirley (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:20:05 -0800

It's still lightly sprinkling here in SW Louisiana, overcast and cool.
Guess winter has finally shown up. Talked to my daughter in Montgomery
County, Texas yesterday. She and the kids had to stay at her boyfriends
place from Tuesday afternoon until Friday evening. All the roads to
their house were flooded to deep to navigate with a one-ton pickup.
School was out all week too so the daughter isn't looking forward to
school restart on Monday morning. Kids will probably still be so wound
up the teachers will probably spend the first day back calming them

Sorry about that winter garden Allen. We're already eating fresh
broccoli out of ours plus green beans, radishes, and carrots. The late
summer planting of tomatoes are just now making little tomatoes the size
of golf balls, doubt seriously if we will harvest any ripe ones. We've
had a few cukes off the fall vines but not enough to make relish, drat. 

Noticed that another limb fell out of the huge red oak in the back yard,
one that was broken during the ice storm in January 1997. It finally
came down but didn't hit anything important so no damage. Still got a
few big 'uns hung up there in limb forks so will probably see more fall
as the rain continues.

Gonna go put up some persimmon jam.


Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
> Hi George,
>     It's raining again in Bastrop Co. Isn't this a year of weather
> contridictions? We had a 50 yr drought this summer. A 150 year flood in
> October, and it has not quit raining for more than 3 consecutive days since.
> We have had over 20 inches of rain since Oct 1st. It is the wettest October
> on record. If anyone, in the future, looks at the rainfall totals for 1998,
> there is now way that they will say "Oh yeah thats the year those folks had
> such a terrible drought."
>     It's been too wet to plant or even work the garden soil, so no fall
> garden this year. I hate it when that happens. I really look forward to all
> the greens and Cole family crops. I am still getting Anaheim Chilis,
> Jalapeno Grandes and Jupiter and Big Bertha Bell peppers. Those Anaheims
> make great chili powder. I have dried some of the bells and some of the
> Jalapenos also. Most of the bells went into the freezer. Only half of the
> Jalapenos got pickled. I dried some and ate a bunch. 

all the rest snipped for brevity