Re: [gardeners] Saturday

George Shirley (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:24:13 -0800 wrote:
> Allen wrote:
> I also sent him a half gallon
> of salsa that we made. He sent us some homemade tamales. Whoo, to die for!!
> I got me a connection here!
> Allen - I am pea green. *NOTHING* is better than a REAL homemade tamale.
> *NOTHING*. In some ways I think they are the edible I miss most not living
> in Texas. Considering how dearly I love Ken Hall's brisket and ribs
> (Fredericksburg), this is saying a lot.
> Catharine

I'm envious of them tamales too, knowing how hard they are to make. It's
getting on to Christmas time and that's when my Hispanic friends get
together and make them. Always look forward to that as we go and help
and can generally score a few dozen to take home. It's a real hoot to
see everyone, young, old, male, female, pitching in to make about 100
dozen tamales for the extended family and friends, also lots of fun if
you participate. You got it made Allen. There's a couple of places here
that make and sell tamales but it ain't the same, there's Cajuns making
them. One of them is even called the Cajun Tamale Shop!