Re: [gardeners] Re: You have rocks??

Liz Albrook (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 23:05:00 -0800

On 5 Dec 98, at 20:41, wrote:

> Martha Brown asked:
> > Rocks???  Sand???????
> > 	Is anyone ever pleased with what nature has provided <VBG>????

> Probably not.

> Still, having gardened in the West Texas desert at one time, I know 
> you feel you are dumping "organic material" into the Black Hole of 
> the Universe in an attempt to create the "friable" of fiction.

I grew up on perfect soil.  All the Northeast Mississippi topsoil was 
washed to the MS coast.  My ancestors were smart enough to buy 
a wee plot of land about the same time that foreign topsoil started 
to settle in and call itself at home.  You could dig at least 5 feet 
down in our yard without hitting anything other than perfect friable, 
fertile soil.  Little did I know I was standing on one of the Wonders 
of the World.  Probably why I started gardening -- growing perfect 
flowers, fruits and veggies was effortless.

Well, except for the weeds.  And the insects.  And the stifling, 
humid heat.  Did I mention the weeds?  Or the incredible array of 
bugs?  Did I mention that when the humidity and heat combined to 
literally steam the plants off their roots, the weeds and bugs 
fluorished so that you had to go out in that awful weather to pull 
weeds and murder insects?  

Are we all closet masochists?