Re: [gardeners] Big Max, Little Max?? (
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 08:10:59 EST

> >You mean a pickax and pry bar aren't part of your regular garden tool
>  >assortment? We've built whole walls and paves paths with what I dig up
>  year
>  >just trying to plant in the cultivated area. Frost has even heaved large
>  >fieldstones into the nice, originally stone-free raised bed area.

In North Carolina we rented a Jack Hammer for a week, to put in a couple of
our planting beds.  We tiered a slope that was to steep to mow and needed the
jack hammer to dig back into the hill far enough to make a flat parking area
in front.  (I was nervous leaving the car parked at an angle on the drive,
especially after the neighbors, whose drive met ours at the bottom of the
hill, truck went down their hill and 1/2 way up ours when their emergency
brakes gave.)

Here in FL the sand swallows all the compost and amendments we add with no
sign of ever changing the consistency.  Now our pick ax and prybar sit in the
garage not moving or being used.  
Anne in FL
zone 9b