Re: [gardeners] Asparagus & Rhubarb

Liz Albrook (
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 00:57:35 -0800

On 2 Dec 98, at 18:30, Marguerite Ruch wrote:

>         I would like some recommendations for what varieties of
> asparagus, and which varieties of rhubarb would be a good choice for
> growing in southern Missouri.  That is, what varieties have you grown,
> and/or eaten, that you really liked?
>         I will appreciate opinions.
>         Marguerite Ruch

Since no one's responded to this I'll give it a go in regards to 
asparagus.  Maybe I'll post enough mis-information that someone 
will jump in to correct me.  ;-)

My understanding of asparagus is that the critical factor in 
selecting varieties is your location and climate.  I've eaten the older 
varieties as well as the newer, more productive all-male new 
varieties and haven't noticed much difference in taste.  They're all 
good to me (and I generally notice subtle differences in flavors).  To 
the best of my knowledge there is not an all-male variety that is 
suitable to my part of the country.  I'd suggest that you follow 
Allen's Golden Rule of Gardening and consult your county ag agent 
concerning what varieties you should consider.

If you have a preference as far as how thick you prefer your 
asparagus stalks to be when harvested, you can partially control 
thickness by modifying the depth at which you plant the roots.  
More deeply planted roots produce thicker stalks, all other factors 
being equal.  

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