Re: [gardeners] Have you grown these?

George Shirley (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 12:26:12 -0600

Margaret Lauterbach wrote:

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> >I'm interested in finding a flavorful, non-bitter eggplant that produces
> >largeish fruit.  Eggplant in my area stayed expensive throughout
> >this year and I am certainly not going to let another year go by
> >without growing some.  Any suggestions for a suitable variety?
> Louisiana green is a large non-bitter eggplant (obviously not purple).  I
> don't know of a seed source (other than Seed Savers' Exchange), but
> Southern Exposure Seed Exchange carries the Louisiana long green (smaller
> in diameter, but also supposed to be non-bitter).

We grew Louisiana Long Green this year and it is definitely not bitter. Not as
prolific as Ichi Ban but produced enough for the two of us to have all the
eggplant we wanted from two plants.

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> >I tried growing epazote once.  Got seed from Johnny's and I direct
> >seeded it into the garden.  None of them germinated.  I seem to
> >recall someone saying that epazote seed have poor germination
> >rates but my memory is not what it once was.  Any comments or
> >suggestions about what I did wrong/the seed/germination of
> >epazote seed?  (BTW, how is epazote pronounced?)
> I think it's hard to grow from seed, so I buy a plant if last year's
> doesn't self-seed (and I don't believe it did).

I grew mine this year from seed and had beautiful germination. Had read that it
was a poor germinator but it looked as if every seed germinated. Still have a
few plants on the edge of the herb garden that are green and producing. Suspect
I will have a world of epazote next spring. IIRC it's pronounced Ep Ah Zo Tay.

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> >Can anyone who has grown cutting celery comment on whether it's
> >worth the effort to grow?
> I'd rather grow the regular celery, but haven't mastered it yet.

I grow the variety "Amsterdam", don't remember where I got the seed or if I
bought a plant. It's about 3 years old now and starting to fade so planted some
seed from Pinetree, it's coming up now. I like it because we definitely can't
grow stalk or root celery down here, or at least that's been my experience. I
use the stuff fresh and also dehydrate it for later use.

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> >Does anyone know a source for kari AKA curry -- the large-leaved
> >herb used in some Indian dishes (not the narrow leaf stuff that
> >occasionally goes by the same name)?  Anyone know the
> >botanical name of the same?  Does anyone know of a source for
> >some of the more unusual Indian veggies and spices?  Seems like
> >sources for Far Eastern veggies and herbs are everywhere but I
> >haven't found any good sources for Indian produce.
> I have no idea of the identity of the kari.  I don't know whether the
> flower type of Nigella is edible or not.  Catharine should know.  You
> should be able to get most of the spices you're looking for through Redwood
> City ( or Richters.  I think you can get the latter
> catalog via
> >Speaking of eastern herbs can anyone give me a botanical name
> >for yellow chives or a source for seed?  No, they aren't garlic
> >chives.  What about the plant known as bunching mustard that is
> >eaten pickled in dishes all over far eastern and southeastern asia?
> I'd suggest you lay hands on Joy Larkcom's "Oriental Vegetables, The
> Complete Guide for the Gardening Cook."
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> >I don't even want to think about tomatoes.
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> >Liz
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> Margaret

George, in cold rainy SW Louisiana