Re: [gardeners] Have you grown these?

Sullivan Peggy (
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 13:46:05 -0500

About eggplant: when I lived in Louisiana we got seedlings for
green egggplants at the local hardware store -- reputed to be
less bitter than the purple -- you might try to fond seeds
for those.  

About curry leaves: Julie Sahni in her Classic Indian Cooking
identifies Kari Leaves (or Meethe Neam ke Patte) as the leaves
of the plant Murraya koenigii which seems to be a shrub or
small tree in the tropics.  Deni Brown's Encyclopedia of Herbs
mentions it and gives some cultivation information.  My friends
from Southeren India use the fresh leaves in their cooking. 
The folks at Well-Sweep Herb Farm in NJ (908) 852-5390 sell 
plants and have some impressive specimens in their greenhouse 
they use in propagation.  Maybe some day the one I bought from 
them will grow up to look like its parent.  Now I am just hoping
it will make it through the winter inside.  I have bad luck
overwintering things.

Peggy in NE Pa., zone 5, where the nighttime temperatures are 
finally falling below freezing again -- but no sign of snow or 
even any significant amount of badly needed rain.