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Sat, 12 Dec 1998 14:07:30 EST

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<< Mary in England, snow already? Do the gales blow in from the 
 Atlantic, or is your prevailing wind from the Continent...?
 I'll be in Ireland in May, with a stopoff in London, but there's
 no predicting what kind of weather we will be faced with.. By
 then you probably will be in France, no?  >>

Hi Penny, I am going round the twist here as there seems to be so much to do
before the 25th and a whole pack of business problems have blown up. I can't
find  half my papers as my desk is covered with lists of things that have to
be done, ugh. Unfortunately d.d. does not arrive until the 24th and that is
too late to be of help, lucky her!

Where are you going in Ireland and is this your first visit? I know parts of
the the north very well and have visited the south but many years ago. I think
you will enjoy your trip.

I have no idea when I will be going to France as a lot of  the house is upside
down due to the work that has to be re-done. Of course the garden, like the
tide, waits for no one so will have to bear that in mind. Anyway keep me
posted as to your movements.

Take care, Mary 
P.S. sorry, you asked about the weather, not too good, wind and rain at the
moment. We usually get what you send to us across the atlantic.