Re: [gardeners] Alpine Strawberries

penny x stamm (
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 13:01:35 -0500

David, I have never found a need to divide my Alpine strawberries.
They have never outgrown their location, and they have never
died, either!  

When I find an occasional new baby plant (which is separate and 
easily visible, I gently dig it up and replant at the same depth in 
another location. Spring or September would be recommended, 
in those states where winters are harsh.

Give them some Miracle Gro once a month in the summertime,
or if you have some fertilizer with a lower nitrogen number, use
that but lightly. Obviously too much nitrogen will only promote
more green foliage, and nature gives them more than enough! 
Water regularly if you want berries. I happen to use a soaker hose. 

Penny, NY zone 6


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