Re: [gardeners] Alpine Strawberries

David G. Smith (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 06:07:47 -0500

Oh, I don't think they need dividing, I just wanted some in another spot, too!


At 01:01 PM 12/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>David, I have never found a need to divide my Alpine strawberries.
>They have never outgrown their location, and they have never
>died, either!  
>When I find an occasional new baby plant (which is separate and 
>easily visible, I gently dig it up and replant at the same depth in 
>another location. Spring or September would be recommended, 
>in those states where winters are harsh.
>Give them some Miracle Gro once a month in the summertime,
>or if you have some fertilizer with a lower nitrogen number, use
>that but lightly. Obviously too much nitrogen will only promote
>more green foliage, and nature gives them more than enough! 
>Water regularly if you want berries. I happen to use a soaker hose. 
>Penny, NY zone 6
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