Re: [gardeners] How warm has it been?

Virginia Prinns (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 05:19:21 -0800


Thanks very much for explaining this.  Hmm....  Couldn't quite understand 
how 10 ft. of snow could melt without major flooding of basements.  There 
is about an 8 ft. blvd. between all garden fences and road.  This must be 
 for snowploughing.  

Cheers  Ginny in Prince George -  where a cariboo warning was on the road 
report today

Liz Albrook wrote:
> On 14 Dec 98, at 8:11, Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
> > Geez Ginny,
> >     10 ft posts! Does the snow get so high that it takes 10ft posts to
> >     stick
> > out of the soil?
> Allen,
> That's possible.  About 20 miles north of here they place 10ft
> orange posts as snow markers.  The reason is not that 10ft of
> snow is likely to fall but that snowplows pile several feet of snow
> along the edges of the highway during a normal winter.  The posts
> are particularly handy during whiteouts.  I still shudder when I think
> about the one whiteout I drove in.
> Liz