[gardeners] Re: Snow and Carbon Monoxide

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 06:31:45 -0600

Penny you may have been forced to replace your furnace but really that is a
good thing. Not only from the safety aspect but also from the money saving
angle. Many appliances should be replaced if it is over 5 - 10 years old
depending on the appliance. The reasoning behind this is that new technology
has improved so much that the new machine will cost much, much less to run.
Most good repair men can tell you if  your appliance has had a drastic
improvement in technology and if it would be more efficient to have a new
     Refrigerators, washer and dryers are the main improvements in the last
10 years. I believe with things like air conditioners, furnaces, and kitchen
stoves some of the technology has improved operating expenses. I think the
main thing with these appliances is that they just slowly deteriorate in
their operating efficiency.
    I hate to spend the money on the new stuff but I always look forward to
saving money in the long run. Hey just face it, the more I save somewhere
else the more I can sneak off to play with my plants!  Speaking of sneaking
off money, I just picked up 4 christmas cactus plants from Lowes at .75
cents  each. I figure they can grow all summer and make a good gift next

penny x stamm wrote:

>  The local repair people refused to replace the "plenum", saying
> that it was an integral part of the furnace and this would void the
> Underwriters' certificate, so we opted for a complete new furnace,
> after 19 years.
> Penny, NY