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> Dear George?,
> I was actually awakened by your post, such talk of Thai Chiles, jicama and
> papaya. Or maybe it was the Thai Hots!  What takes thee tongue?  Such exotic
> treasures to feast on?  Tell me more!!!

I don't think the papaya tree will ever produce for me down here but the
California Rare Fruit Growers have some seed that may do the job so just may order
some. The Thai Hots were brought back by my friends brother, a USAF colonel, in
his duffel and they are truly Hots. The chile bush is also very prolific and one
bush will bear all that most people can use.  Jicama was an experiment for 1997, I
usually try to grow something each year that I've never grown before just to see
what it will do here in our zone of wetness. I think this year I'm going to plant
asparagus although I know of no one in this area who grows it. Supposedly it
should do well in a raised bed and I've got just the spot for some. Miz Anne and I
used to pick wild asparagus when we were teenagers courting. Of course that was
southern Maryland and this is Louisiana.