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Martha Brown (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 14:06:49 -0600

	Most of the hoses I have came with the pressure reducer disks already in
place.  I have permanent PVC supply hoses laid to the individual beds then
soaker hoses in the beds set up in a loop  to equalize pressure.  There
generally is several hundred feet of soaker hose attached to one faucet by
the PVC supply lines which reduces the pressure a lot.  When I connect two
or more hoses together I take the disk out of the second and third hoses
leaving just the ends of hoses attached to the supply line "Y" connector
with the disks in place. I use the extras for short lengths.  The hose
mender works well enough with my low low pressure to get by without buying
a new hose, ripping the old one out of the bed and trying to force a new
one in place.  
	I also have very sandy ground so have this running almost constantly (on
24 hours, off 24-48 hours) at very very low pressure with very long lengths
laid in close "s" curves in some beds.  There doesn't seem to be a problem
with hose menders probably because the pressure is kept very low,  hoses
are placed in a loop to equalize pressure  and the restriction isn't great
enough to warrant ripping the hose out and replacing it.  We have very hard
water so the life expectancy of these things is only about two to three
years max anyway. I recycle the hose menders and ends when I toss the bad

M Brown
NW Oklahoma, USA
USDA Zone 6b,  Sunset Zone 35

: From: penny x stamm <>
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: Subject: Re: [gardeners] soaker hose
: Date: Sunday, January 24, 1999 12:49 AM
: Hi, Martha B, our house water pressure reads 60 lbs. That's
: high enough to cause Old Faithfuls throughout the yard within
: the black soaker hose! We had to go get the little white disks
: to insert like washers, to cut down the pressure. 
: And yes, even with the high pressure, tying an end tightly with wire 
: will stop the flow of water successfully.  
: We did find that mending a bad hose in the middle with one of the
: conventional hose-mending connections seriously cut down on the
: available water at the far end, because they fill part of the space
: inside
: the hose, and obstruct the flow. You can test this by laying the hose 
: down in your driveway (where you can see it), connecting one end, 
: and watch the difference in the water pattern. 
: Penny, NY
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