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Sat, 30 Jan 1999 12:00:46 EST

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> I'm re-landscaping the area around my front door, and I need some tree
>  suggestions.

  OH OH OH, try a flowering pear.  Not a Bradford Pear, find a different type.
Our Vet has one on either side of the front enterance and they are to die for
in spring.  His bear no fruit, so there is no clean up except in fall when the
leaves drop.  No he doesn't know the type, or I would have one myself already.
His landscaper found them, and is no longer around.  The trees are over 10
years old and have yet to make it past 12 ft or so.  They do not reach much
past the first story windows on this two story building.  The bark is almost
black and looks very gnarled and rough.  Can you tell I love these trees?  In
fact if you do get one share the name.  
Anne in FL
zone 9b