Re: [gardeners] Need tree suggestions

penny x stamm (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 13:05:12 -0500

Kay, how tall does Harry Lauder's 'walkingstick' get..?

And what do they call the dogwood that has red branches in
wintertime? How tall will that get?

My daughter's flowering quince in zone 5 never gets taller than
3+ ft. However, during the unexpected extra long and warm spell
last late fall, it started flowering again, out of season. She cut 
some branches to bring indoors, and had a wonderful bonus for
a few weeks! 

My flowering quince sat still for 3 years, producing only one blossom.
I finally gave it away. Should I have been more patient? 

Two houses around here have a totally different redbud from mine. My
redbud is a tall and branching tree, with a huge canopy and heart-
shaped leaves. It is a marvelous shape, but the blossoms are an
insipid pale pink-purple, before the leaves arrive. The tree also has one
dreadful attribute: it is subject to high wind fracture (like a Bradford
pear). One day the entire front spreading branch had ripped downwards,
and we freaked. However, the arborist said we should saw it off, and 
in this case, new branch or branches would generate from the trunk. 
Guess what..?  They did, starting within a year...

The neighbors' redbuds are really bushes, not trees. They stand about
9-10 ft tall, are compact, about 5-6 ft wide, and covered in spring with 
heavenly purple-magenta blossoms, before the leaves arrive. In summer,
they are just green bushes, no special attributes. 

Do you know the different names for these redbuds...?

Penny, NY zone 6

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