Re: [gardeners] Atlas cedar

jaime (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 11:58:33 -0400

> "world's most horrendously ugly" is not exactly high praise! 
> Maybe we ought to rethink this choice.  
> David
That's why I said I'd post a photo, David.  I know people who 
drool over this thing.  "ugly" is such a personal thing.  I 
don't know why I don't like this tree.  I like some of the 
weepers, though not all.  I *love* blues in conifers and just 
about everything else.  I like most cedars.  For some reason 
unknown to me (and it seems to be peculiar to me) it falls right 
in there with poodle trees.  I only offered up the "ugly to me" 
as a reason for why I'd be willing to part with it for little 
when so many are so willing to pay so much.

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