Re: [gardeners] What's in the Basement?

Gaye Stanton (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 08:13:46 -0500

Thank you to all who had answers to my question.  I've had mice before &
I think thats probably what it is.  My husband is bringing d-con home
tonight.  Don't worry, I only have a 15 yr old son who hates the
basement, he thinks its creepy & never goes down there.  My dog is a
boxer & because of her size cannot get in small places.  But I put the
poison up on a dirt bank where nothing but those nasty little rodents
can get to it.  

E TN z6

Gaye Stanton wrote:

> a month ago.  I noticed that the soil had a hole dug in it, I filled it
> up & the hole would be back the next time I was in the basement.  I left
> it & now something is chewing on a large root in the pot.  Do rats or
> mice chew roots?