Re: [gardeners] What's in the Basement?

Gaye Stanton (
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 09:45:51 -0500

An update on my rodent problem.  My husband ended up putting out 4 boxes
of D-Con.  The rat would eat a box a night.  We put out the last box 3
days ago & it hasn't been touched.  It continued to eat the roots on my
fig even when it was eating the poison.  I'm taking the fig to the
compost pile it has severe root damage.  Well, I'm going to Lowe's today
to buy new lites for the fixtures & will be starting my seeds next week.
I am relieved that I will be the only live thing in my basement for the
time being.  Thanks again for your help.

E TN z6

Gaye Stanton wrote:
> Thank you to all who had answers to my question.  I've had mice before