Re: [gardeners] planting time in New England

Jane Burdekin (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 05:23:44 -0700

I have always planted my regular and snow peas before St. Patrick's day
here in zone 5 Colorado too.  I was out there yesterday starting to get the
garden ready when I got distracted trying to find out if the "weed" called
Malva was of some value.  I recently took an herb class and it is one of
the plants the instructor pointed out.  Does any one know if it is the same
as marshmallow plant.  I am thinking it is Althaea officinalis but I can't
find a picture to confirm it.  If that is the right name there seems to be
many uses for this common weed that I keep digging and throwing in the
compost.  If it is that I sure hope I haven't completely iradicated it from
the garden, what are the odds of that?   I better get out there and finish
preparing for pea planting tonight.  


> An old gardener that has lovely sweet peas told me you are suppose 
> to plant them on Good Friday. . . .she lives in Peterborough same as 
> me and since I have followed her "rule" my sweet peas have been 
> great.  We can still be very cold then and get snow but it doesn't 
> seem to bother the seeds.
> I love sweet peas!!
> Jill