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Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 08:23:50 -0600

Thanks, I'll check into both of those however neither are on the virtual
garden site.  Does anyone know where there is a weed identifier site?


>You description sounds a lot like what we call cheese weed.  We have two
>types:   the common mallow and little leaf mallow (m. parvafolia).  Both are
>common in cultivated crops, landscapes and gardens.  Sounds like yours could
>be either one.  When we were kids, we used to nibble on the cheesy
>buttonlike fruit.  The only use I know of is to chop it up with the
>lawnmower before the seeds develop and compost it.  We also have a globe
>mallow that grows wild in landscapes but it is kind of pretty (in bloom
>right now) and we usually let it grow if it doesn't get in the way.  -Olin
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>> ...The plant I am looking at in the garden is
>>definately a weed  ... is low to the ground and spreads out in
>>a rosette shape.  The leaves are round and scalloped on the edges.  It
>>produces small whitish/purplish flowers and forms a button shaped like a
>>hollyhock seed button later.  It has a carrot like tap root that is heading
>>for China and if you leave any piece of it a new plant (weed) will form.
>>Any ideas???
>>> At 05:23 AM 3/8/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>> ><snip>I got distracted trying to find out if the "weed" called
>>> >Malva was of some value.  I recently took an herb class and it is one of
>>> >the plants the instructor pointed out.  Does any one know if it is the
>>> >as marshmallow plant.  I am thinking it is Althaea officinalis but I
>>> >find a picture to confirm it.  If that is the right name there seems to
>>> >many uses for this common weed that I keep digging and throwing in the
>>> >compost.  If it is that I sure hope I haven't completely iradicated it
>>> >the garden, what are the odds of that?   I better get out there and
>>> >preparing for pea planting tonight.
>>> >
>>> >Jane
>>> Hi Jane,
>>> I have some info from, "The Herb Book", by John Lust.  Says, common names
>>> for Althea officinalis is Marshmallow, mortification root, sweet weed,
>>> wymote.  The medicinal parts are root, leaves, flowers.
>>> Properties and uses... Demulcent, emollient, diuretic.  It's particular
>>> excellence is soothing irritated tissue.  Externally, use it as a
>>> for irritations, burns, carbuncles, and furuncle, and wounds.  (what the
>>> heck is a furuncle?).
>>> It says more, but I don't have time to type it all out this morning.  If
>>> you really want more, let me know and I will type up the rest of the
>>> decoction info etc.  I also have info on Malva sylvestris and Malva
>>> rotundifolia if you need it.
>>> A good place to start looking for a pic is at virtual garden
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