[gardeners] Re: Sugar Snaps

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 04:04:03 -0500

Bill, I'm not sure which ones we have been growing -- I usually
buy the seeds, and Jimmie grows the veggies but rarely harvests
them. That means that I bring a pot into the garden to pick stuff
for dinner, and invariably I eat almost everything right there on the
spot, meaning snow peas, cherry tomatoes and scallions, most
of all. Have the same problem with the raspberries......

I noticed a rack of imported oriental veggie seeds in our local 
honest-to-goodness branch of a Chinatown food market yesterday.
All the print on the packets was in English and what I presume to
be Thai -- definitely not Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Could not
find Chinese long beans, which I wanted. However, the planting
instructions warned us to rotate planting areas every year, to keep
down crop infections. We have never changed our snow pea
location. It gets the maximum sunshine, and we do put up a
very tall, rigid wire fence for the use of cukes, long beans or
snow peas.  

All our cucumbers last year were shaped like boomerangs -- they
defied gravity. Apparently there was an East Coast virus present
which was identified. The cukes were still edible, but bizarre. 

Do you switch planting areas for your snow peas...? 

Penny, NY, zone 6

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