Re: [gardeners] Re:Fence, or something?

David G. Smith (
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 05:10:44 -0500

Well, I suppose I should take another try at making friends with the dog.
Although planting something on the fence sounds good too.  What kind of
dog?  Big and red.  A longish-haired retriever sort of dog.  She's a pretty
dog, really.  They've also got two Shelties, and old one that stays on the
porch and a young one that's just learning to bark at me.  

Talking to the owners isn't likely to happen.  It's sort of odd, I son't
think I'd know them if I saw them, but I don't like them.  The woman is
constantly yelling at her kids -- "I hate you", really pleasant stuff like
that.  The kids mainly ignore her, so I guess yelling is the worst she
does.  If I'm out splitting wood or something for a while, she'll come out
and yell at the dog!  That's sort of funny.  A solid wood fence has some
appeal in that it would keep us from hearing that woman so much.

I think I'll try growing something on the fence, AND making friends with
the dog.  I don't think she's a mean dog, just bored.  They leave her out
all day and night, as far as I can tell.