Re: [gardeners] Candy onions

margaret lauterbach (
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 15:43:06 -0700

At 07:03 AM 3/28/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Margaret:  Ray just planted some Candy onions. Are tehy spanish or what?
>we just know the variety name.  Glad to know that they are long keepers.
>Ray just turned over the former veggie garden and moved a bunch of his day
>lilies to that spot - too much shade for veggties.  Don't think the day
>lilies will like it much better.
>	Barb - sneezing in Mid- Mo - anyone else having problems?  Allegra doesn't
>seem to be doing as good a job keeping up with it as usual. achoo!
>Barb Rothenberger
>Columbia, Mo.
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Barb, they're day neutral hybrids. I think there's some sweet Spanish in
their heritage.  Stokes, BTW, says it's short-term storage.  My friend who
grew them kept them all winter on her screened porch.  Still using them
from the bucket they were stored in.  Margaret