[gardeners] grass/peat

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:53:52 PDT

Dear list,
  Thank you all for the several suggestions/hints on using peat and on 
my failed grass.  I had bought a bag of a recommended seed for my area 
and for the shade, think it was fresh but who knows?  It was at Home 
Depot.  I waited for a day after a rain so the soil would be soft and 
then raked the whole area to cause little furrows.  Sprinkled 
well-rotted manure, then spread the seed.  Then put a light layer of 
hay over it all.  Watered it daily - but will admit to doing it just 
once a day, not 4 times a day.  Didn't walk on it at all for 3 and a 
half weeks.... and then disappointment.  The master gardener at my 
county extension agent office recommended getting the seed down by the 
end of March, no later so I may just wait til fall at this point.  But 
I think adding lime would be a good idea to try to sweeten the soil in 
that area.  Seems reasonable if the violets are growing like 
gangbusters, which they are, that the soil is too sweet for grass....

  I got my first shipment from Edible Lanscape today:  3 raspberry 
bushes.  (oops!  I had ordered just two)  but they look luscious.  
Very green, healthy bushy with a thick central stalk.  They are 
greenhouse grown, so will require several days of hardening off before 
I can actually get around to planting them.  Whee!

  Bethesda, MD
  Zone 7b

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