[gardeners] Re: Blackberry vines

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 00:18:56 -0500

  Sounds like your getting closer to my neck of the woods! I am in Central
Oklahoma just 45 min. east of The City. We have 680 acres and have had running
battles with the roses and blackberry bushes ourselves.
     My husband keeps this whole place looking like a park. We usually brush hog
everything or bail it at least once a year. We have wooded areas but they are
not real bushy. I have had to just about fight him to leave my blackberry
bushes! To my way of looking at it the wild rose bushes are much more prolific
than the blackberry bushes! Seems like blackberries after a few years of brush
hogging get whittled down to nothing, stunted or just die. Roses now they love
the clipping! They come back next year bushier than ever. Either a plow or
shovel seems the best for them and then you never get it all.
      Something that is real popular around here are goats. I am not a goat
person. I would rather pay $6000 for a new John Deere brush hog than have one
goat. I asked what people were getting all the goats for and they said the goats
are great for eating the brush. They also said the goats will trim up any trees
as far as they can tiptoe up. Now I haven't figured out if these people are much
smarter than I am OR they are just to tight and lazy to do the job right.
      We have 2 good areas I have saved from the brush hog  for the
blackberries. One place is the spot that the mountain lions like to live when
they are in the area and I won't go there without fully armed backup!  Maybe
your looking at this blackberry stuff from the wrong angle. Have someone go
through where they can and make manageable rows of blackberries with the brush
hog. The when summer gets here start picking those little jewels and sell them.
Lots of people in the city can't find blackberries any more. If you start making
money from them they will die for sure or that's the way it usually works for
me. LOL
     Beavers now, if your not soft hearted turn a trapper loose or a man that
can sit there and pop them off. Thank goodness we don't have this one yet.

aka ( ranchmama)
PieOhNear@aol.com wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who have responded with ideas re: Beavers & Blackberries.
> I really appreciate the information.
> I live in N. E. Oklahoma...moving to North Central Oklahoma (someday).
> Vicki Day-Cook