Re: [gardeners]bees

Linda Baranowski-Smith (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 20:28:18 -0500

Hi Kris...

><snip>...the bee information. I don't have a spare refrigerator to
>put the bees in. Didn't even realize you had to do that.

The bee egg in the nesting cell will freeze in our USDA zone and will then
not hatch in the spring.  If you have a cold but not freezing place to
store the nesting box, maybe that would work.  You could check with Knox
Cellars (see info to follow).

> Did you mail-order your bee house or get it locally?

I got it through mail order.  It was one of those "speculative" things that
I got for a husband who would rather have manure than clothes...anything
but clothes <BG>!  Since the European honey bee population was down, I
thought these bees might be helpful.

However, since we got the bees, we get a newsetter from Knox Cellars,
likely the original source of the bees.  Knox Cellars, 1607 Knox Ave.,
Bellingham, WA  98225,  Telephone:  (360) 733-3283.  They have a website at

>BTW was thinking about you being allergic to the formaldehyde and wondered if
>a product we use to use at work might help you. It's called Pro Shield ...

Seems that I've heard of this product.  My list of things to try is
growing.  Should have asked everone sooner.  Thanks again.

Linda in NW Ohio near Toledo/Lake Erie, USDA Zone 5