Re: [gardeners] Re:weather (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 19:17:22 EDT

Hello to all,

So far, so good on the weather! We've had cold, drizzly rain all day here in 
N. E. OK. but nothing severe. In our state, you learn to watch t.v. around 
the storm warning signs at the bottom of the screen. 

Tomorrow it might be 88 degrees. Who knows??  I took a chance a planted some 
lettuce, spinach and basil this afternoon, hope it doesn't wash out. Hubby 
helped me plant a long row of asparagus -- a true labor of love since he 
doesn't like it. 

The rest of the afternoon we took advantage of the wet conditions and nipped 
and burnt many blackberry brambles. Some are beginning to bloom now. 

A walk down to our farm pond revealed that the Oklahoma wind had toppled a 
big cottonwood tree(which was nearly nibbled in half by our resident beavers) 
right into the pond. That should pose an interesting challenge. Meanwhile, 
I'm sure the fish will make use of the branches for their habitat.

Well, all for now,