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>    According to my Dr., cholesterol is not controlled by diet but by 
>  The literature he gave me when he tested me for cholesterol said that some
>  individuals are genetically prone to high cholesterol and some are not. 
> s
>  family has high cholesterol, mine does not.
>      My cholesterol count was 129, 6 points lower than it was 7 years ago. 
> The
>  "bad" cholesterol count was also in the low end of the normal  range. I 
> specialize
>  in Southern Fried living. We do eat lots of fresh vegetables along with 
>  pork, poultry, fish and Emu meat.

Thanks Allen,
Then there are those that have naturally high cholesterol.  My younger son's 
ranges right below 250, but that is 50 pts lower than when we were on a low 
cholesterol diet given us by a nutritionist recommended by his Dr.  So far I 
have refused to put him on the cholesterol lowering drugs they keep pushing.  
Other than his cholesterol he is a healthy happy 10 year old.  His exercise 
level is definitely on the high side.  His father's high cholesterol is lower 
since cutting out carbohydrates, maybe his will too.  Getting a 10 year old 
to give up sugar will be a challenge.  It is part of the reason I am giving 
up sugar too, that and I feel better without it.  Maybe he will learn by 
example if nothing else.
Anne in FL  Who ate 3 tomatoes from her garden for breakfast along with 2 
strips of bacon.
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