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Tue, 25 May 1999 17:31:37 EDT

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> We gardened in pure sand the 5 years plus that we lived in the Middle East. 
> Lots
>  of water and fertilizer and you could grow anything, as long as you had 
> enough
>  shade for stuff to survive the 100+ temps on a daily basis plus windbreaks 
> to
>  stop the eternal wind blowing stuff away. We gardened behind a 12-foot 
> with
>  a shade over the top. My orchids did well there as long as they got misted 
> at
>  least three times a day.

Ah, George,
That is why so little survived for me last year.  We had the temps and 
humidity of the East last summer.  While I did water twice daily things dried 
out faster.  My 15 year old orchids did very poorly in these conditions.  
This year the small portion that I was able to save is flourishing in our 
normal humidity, though I doubt I will get blooms.  The plant had been about 
2.5 ft across and is now down to one small section with a few roots.  I used 
to drape it over the fence under the oak tree, where it bloomed every year.  
Now it is back in a pot on the back porch trying to get it's self back in 
growing mode.  The beds that survived were those that had been the most 
highly amended.  Even that was no guarantee.
Anne in FL
zone 9b