Re: [gardeners] cutting timbers

Harry Boswell (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 09:27:25 -0500

Is a sawzall a reciprocating saw?

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> Byron wrote:
> > Here's another alternative. A sawzall, will cut these timbers, less noisy
> > less costly and over a lifetime a more useable tool. Can be rented at a lot
> > of rental shops.
> >
> > Byron
> That's a good suggestion Byron, I had forgotten about the sawzall. Should have
> remembered as I helped a friend of mine use his sawzall in January to make
> raised beds alongside his driveway. Proper blade and it cut the treated
> with little fuss and less noise than my big power saw or the chainsaw. We cut
> them over a plastic tarp and then dumped the sawdust into the trash can. We
> also wore goggles and dust masks just in case.
> George