Re: [gardeners] Poppy Seed Question

George Shirley (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 13:36:48 -0500

Gaye Stanton wrote:

> I am getting ready to leave town early next week & will be gone for almost 2
> weeks.  In working my flower beds today I have noticed alot of my poppies
> have gone by.  The leaves are turning yellow & the plants look quite sad.  I
> can imagine what they will look like in 2 weeks.  The poppies are in my
> front flower beds or I wouldn't worry about it.  Can the seed heads be cut
> off & maybe put in a paper bag now even though the seeds are not ripe?  I do
> not want to sacrifice my seeds just so my flower beds will look good while
> I'm gone.
> Does anyone have suggestions?
> Gaye
> E.TN z6

I haven't had much luck doing that with my Shirley poppies. Found the seeds get
much better germination if I just leave them in place to develop and then fall
out in the flower bed. Since they only come up in very early spring here in SW
Louisiana I don't worry to much about them cluttering the front flower beds. It
seems we get the poppies and pansies coming up early, dying off, then the
torenia fill in along with some volunteer zinnias. We generally don't have to
plant anything extra in there and just let them come up in succession. Noticed a
couple of nicotiana from two years ago up and blooming today. Makes it sort of a
surprise flower bed. ;-)