Re: [gardeners] Friday in the garden

David G. Smith (
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 16:52:59 -0400

Maybe the instructions on the packet were just wrong.  I wondered why a
plant that was supposed to like hot climates should be planted in early
spring.  I'll try it again.

I was cursing the previous owners (well, not really) when I was taking down
that wallpaper.  It looked like they had tried to take off old wallpaper
themselves, and quit when it started ripping the surface off the drywall.
So they just put new wallpaper up over the old, and over the surface-less
drywall.  Really left me with a mess when all the paper was down, but after
some drywall mud and sanding it came out OK.


At 09:07 AM 6/5/99 -0500, you wrote:
>"David G. Smith" wrote:
>> I tried NZ spinach this year, and got just two plants in the row.  I
>> planted it 4/10 -- we're still getting an occasional frost here then, but
>> the seed packet said early spring.  What do you think, try it again now?
>I usually plant it after frost danger is past. Since I don't live in a
cold, or
>even cool, climate I don't know how it does there. We usually get 100%
>germination on the seed and, sometimes, can treat it as a perennial. Most
>winters though a frost will knock it down quickly and the high heat and
>humidity of August does a number on it as well. We just like the taste enough
>to stay with it.
>> The only time I've stripped wallpaper was a few weeks ago.  We rented a
>> steamer to do it, and it seemed to work pretty well.  Not a pleasant job at
>> all, though; enough to turn me against wallpaper.
>I'm against wallpaper too, just for that reason. If the wall is painted it's
>fairly easy, and cheap, to change the decor for whatever reason. Some of this
>wallpaper has been in place for more than 20 years and is getting pretty
>from being up so long plus the previous owners were heavy smokers.
>> We are doing well, and I'm getting into the garden plenty.  Now there are
>> three of us doing well, you can see the new one at
>> David