Re: [gardeners] Friday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 16:53:19 -0500

"David G. Smith" wrote:

> Maybe the instructions on the packet were just wrong.  I wondered why a
> plant that was supposed to like hot climates should be planted in early
> spring.  I'll try it again.
> I was cursing the previous owners (well, not really) when I was taking down
> that wallpaper.  It looked like they had tried to take off old wallpaper
> themselves, and quit when it started ripping the surface off the drywall.
> So they just put new wallpaper up over the old, and over the surface-less
> drywall.  Really left me with a mess when all the paper was down, but after
> some drywall mud and sanding it came out OK.
> David

It's sure taking a long time to get the paper off the wall in the master bath,
only half done after nearly two days. It's a few square inches at a time and for
the same reasons as yours. I'm trying to save drywall that wasn't properly prepped
before the paper was put on. Gonna have to mud one section about 6 inches wide by
4 feet long where the paper surface of the drywall came off with the wallpaper. No
big deal, just use spackling compound and level it with a 1X4 and the trowel.

I think if we ever build another house I'm going to design it and then be the
general contractor on it with control over the subs. Not going to be any chance of
that though, to much trouble just for a place to live and we couldn't stand to
leave our fruit trees and flowers behind anyway.