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George Shirley (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 16:27:24 -0500

Harry Boswell wrote:

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> > When we did the beds at my friends house we notched the ends and "log cabined"
> > them. All were drilled and then anchored at the ends (each corner) with half
> > inch rebar. So far so good.
> >
> Geez, George, what were y'all doing, building an elephant enclosure???   :-)

Naw, Sam had the rebar already, no point in buying more or nails, he's the guy with
the Sawzall, the !/2 inch drive drill motor, all the male toys. (Grunts like Tim
Allen) Plus he's got two sons still living at home and the beds are beside the
driveway. ;-)

> Is SW Louisiana as hot and humid as central Mississippi?  The air's so thick
> and muggy here I've been cutting it into blocks and stacking it against the
> fence.

Yeah, it's turrible here, it rained a little while ago, a real duck-drowner, and the
humidity fell several points. We've been getting high nineties temps in the late
afternoon with 96% humidity, really miserable weather to try to get out in. I don't
think I've got any knives or saws sharp enough to cut the stuff though. Luckily I've
got enough office work and remodeling to keep me under the air conditioning right