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>  As you can see, I'm still trying to catch up on my email. Re: mixing "
> spackle
>  into the paint". This is a good method to use if you keep in mind that it 
> really a
>  method to texture and prime at the same time. It is not intended to be a 
> step
>  only method. Especially in a high humid climate like southern Fla., you 
> still
>  need to apply a finish coat of paint to keep the texture from absorbing 
> moisture and
>  mildewing. The "mix" usually winds up being a flat "open" coat that 
> absorbs
>  moisture and dirt. It is very difficult to clean. I recommend using a semi-
> gloss or
>  gloss latex interior finish paint.

Thanks for the tip.  We have pretty much replaced or repainted most of the 
house.  Only the front entry (which needs a major overhaul) and two bathrooms 
are left to be done.  The bathrooms may need this treatment, but more likely 
will need to have all the plaster board torn out and new green board or 
cement board put in.  We had to repair a wall in one bath, and found only 
gypsum board behind the tiled shower wall.  The repair was only temporary but 
has now lasted 1 year with no further leaks.  
Anne in FL
zone 9b