Re: [gardeners] OT - Boston Pops

penny x stamm (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 18:31:50 -0400

Margaret, don't ask.  Boston is enjoying the same weather that we
are -- by midnight on the 4th we had cooled down to 82 degrees,
and the humidity was a wall like a tsunami..!  I think we reached
100* by 7:00pm. 

We couldn't figure out how that orchestra survived -- but what about
the audience? Unbelievable how the spirit of the event could keep 
everyone alert, interested, enthusiastic!  We thought some of the 
post-script music-with-fireworks were incredible, but others were
not up to snuff. Surprising..  Yes, Ozawa had a whopping good time,
which pleased us old-timers who remember him when......  And
we agree that Lockhart is terrific. 

However, it's been 9 years, I think, since Arthur Fiedler left the 
podium at the Summer Pops, and we have been less thrilled with 
the "new look" ... It all began with light classical music, of course, 
so many years ago, but I suppose that the public's taste must be 
answered to, and the program now is quite different. 

As to Washington, DC, that's become hopeless. Hopeless!  
Perhaps the many thousands of people who attend the evening
are quite satisfied, but I gotta tell you that we aren't.. 

One more comparison:  the 1812 Overture. Best  all-American music 
around <g>.  Once Ozawa took the podium, the music came alive.
He worked and sweated and beat his brains in, but I am sure that they
could have played the whole thing blindfolded. They should have 
showed much more of the carillon and the Army soldiers who had
waited so patiently to arm the guns -- and I was startled to see that
the largest bell had a stuck clapper, so altho it was swinging in a very 
full arc, it never sounded! 

But the evening was still something which we will continue to look
forward to each summer...   Meetcha there next year, Margaret~! 

Penny, NY

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