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Allen and Judy Merten (
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 02:33:18 -0500

Hi Penny,
    The "turkey cooker" is also known as a Cajun Cooker. Used to deep fry
catfish, shrimp, 'bout anything. It is a cast aluminum pot of I think 5
gal. capacity. It has a separate stand and burner for the cooker to sit on.
It is an outside cooker by the way. You fill it with 3-4 gal of peanut oil,
get it boiling hot, and lower the turkey into it tail end first. When it is
done you haul it out and let drain, then serve. It doesn't have a batter on
it. You season the bare skin before putting it in the cooker.
    I have never eaten turkey with any kind of sweet batter, or for that
matter a batter at all. You were in Tenn. where they just passed a law
making it legal to keep road kill. I guess that means in the past that
people were breaking the  law when they were eating road kill. Damn, I
thought things got bad in Texas at times, like last years drought. There is
no clamor here to pass a "Road Kill Bill", however. We prefer to prepare
our own meat if we have to raise it, hunt it, or trap it. Picking it up
from the side of the road,....well, I don't see it myself.{;-)
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx, where there is plenty to eat.

penny x stamm wrote:

> Allen, did you say two pounds of boneless meat per person???
> I'm scratching my head in wonderment!  My hubby Jim would
> love to live in your house!  Perhaps your two pounds are intended
> for teenage boys...?
> Do you have 50 people for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner? How
> can you use up a roasted turkey, a BBQ turkey, and a deep fried
> turkey at the same meal...? In fact, how does one deep fry a turkey?
> In a gallon of oil in a wash tub..? I can't imagine any pot large
> enough..
> I have a 20 qt cooking pot in which I make special Chinese ribs --
> perhaps that would hold it.....
> Also, just what is a "turkey cooker" ?
> One night back in WW-II  I found myself all alone on Thanksgiving
> for the very first time in my entire life, and I have to admit that the
> tears were flowing. My hubby's Army company was being moved,
> and I was somewheres in the very deep south -- perhaps Knoxville,
> Tennessee.  My landlady took pity on me, and brought up a plate of
> holiday fixin's to my room, to chase away the gloom..
> However, the turkey was coated with a sweet batter, so it must have
> been fried. It was not exactly to my taste, but beggars cannot be
> choosers, as we all know.  Have never come across it since.....
> Penny, NY
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