Re: [gardeners] Where is George?

George Shirley (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 06:50:58 -0500 wrote:
>  Where is George that always told us all about his intresting gardening days?
> About miz Anneand Sleepy dog? I sure miss seeing those post OR have I been
> accidently deleting them or something?
> I haven't had the time to read all the post on the list I get as Of late due
> to my Gardening. This HOT weather has driven me inside and I have a chance to
> catch up a few things including my e-mail
> Just wondering?
> Marie (upstate S.C. where it was 97 at my house today)

I'm still here, it's just to !@#$%^&* hot to do anything. The garden,
with the exception of the chiles and southern peas, is pretty much
cooked to death. We've been getting tremendous amounts of rain followed
by 90 plus temperatures and bright sunshine. You can see that I've had
no reason to wax lyrical about the joys of gardening.

We've gotten about one-fourth the crops that we had last year and last
year was a drought year. For small time gardeners drought, as long as
plenty of ground water is available, may be preferable to heavy rain.

The herbs are certainly doing well though. I'm glad I chose a good slope
for my herb garden. They seem to be well-drained enough that they're
making it and prefer the dryer conditions of the slope.

I'm waiting on a friend to get here and then we're going to install two
turbine vents on our roof. Miz Anne is lying in bed reading and Sleepy
Dawg is asleep in the easy chair. The chair used to be mine but Sleepy
considers it her's now.  Suppose I should start planting for the fall
crop but I suspect we're going to have a hotter than normal fall so will
probably wait until late August.

Hopefully we will get enough cool days in September to stay in the
garden longer. Right now we're restricted to very early morning and very
late afternoon/evening. Too hot for anything else and now our energy
company is hitting us with "rolling blackouts", the first time we've
experienced those. They're telling us it's abnormally hot in the NE and
electricity usage is way up. From what Penny Stamm has had to say it
must be true. How about sending us some spare juice Penny? I'm sure our
94F with 96% humidity has to be hotter than New Yawk State. <VBG>