Re: [gardeners] hmmmmm

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 16:40:53 -0500

    If you can keep that tomato branch from wilting it will grow roots. Bury
the stem of the branch nearly to the next set of branches/leaves. Tomato plants
have the ability to root along their stems.
    As far as composting tomato plants, if they have no sign of disease, it
might be ok. I don't do it just in case I missed something. The mature stems of
tomatos are pretty tough. It would take a nice hot compost to break it down.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.

Tantrika wrote:

> Well yesterday I was walking between my beds (there's only about a foot of
> space between them, and much to my horror I broke off a branch of my Sun
> Gold tomato plant (that had flowers on it)  (WAH!)
> Well not knowing what else to do with it stuck it, broken end down, upright
> in the compost bin.   Low and behold it hasn't wilted yet, and still looks
> healthy.  SO.....
> If I plant this in a pot with some micorhizza on the bottom will it be
> likely to root?  I certainly don't want to let it go to waste.
> Also is putting old tomato plants in the compost bin ok?