Re: [gardeners] Where is George?

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sat, 24 Jul 1999 18:06:22 -0500

    Is your energy co. sending electricity up north to make up for the high usage
up there and cutting back at home? In all the years that I have lived in Texas,
some very near the La. border, I have never heard of such stuff. The only time I
have ever experienced electrical supply problems was related to storms, either ice,
tornado or hurricane.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.

George Shirley wrote:

> wrote:
> >
> >  Where is George that always told us all about his intresting gardening days?
> > About miz Anneand Sleepy dog? I sure miss seeing those post OR have I been
> > accidently deleting them or something?
> > I haven't had the time to read all the post on the list I get as Of late due
> > to my Gardening. This HOT weather has driven me inside and I have a chance to
> > catch up a few things including my e-mail
> > Just wondering?
> > Marie (upstate S.C. where it was 97 at my house today)
> I'm still here, it's just to !@#$%^&* hot to do anything. The garden,
> with the exception of the chiles and southern peas, is pretty much
> cooked to death. We've been getting tremendous amounts of rain followed
> by 90 plus temperatures and bright sunshine. You can see that I've had
> no reason to wax lyrical about the joys of gardening.
> We've gotten about one-fourth the crops that we had last year and last
> year was a drought year. For small time gardeners drought, as long as
> plenty of ground water is available, may be preferable to heavy rain.
> The herbs are certainly doing well though. I'm glad I chose a good slope
> for my herb garden. They seem to be well-drained enough that they're
> making it and prefer the dryer conditions of the slope.
> I'm waiting on a friend to get here and then we're going to install two
> turbine vents on our roof. Miz Anne is lying in bed reading and Sleepy
> Dawg is asleep in the easy chair. The chair used to be mine but Sleepy
> considers it her's now.  Suppose I should start planting for the fall
> crop but I suspect we're going to have a hotter than normal fall so will
> probably wait until late August.
> Hopefully we will get enough cool days in September to stay in the
> garden longer. Right now we're restricted to very early morning and very
> late afternoon/evening. Too hot for anything else and now our energy
> company is hitting us with "rolling blackouts", the first time we've
> experienced those. They're telling us it's abnormally hot in the NE and
> electricity usage is way up. From what Penny Stamm has had to say it
> must be true. How about sending us some spare juice Penny? I'm sure our
> 94F with 96% humidity has to be hotter than New Yawk State. <VBG>
> George