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Harry Boswell (
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 09:18:34 -0500

Hmmmm....I'm not sure what poison critters you're
referring to.  There's snakes, but they'll do their best
to keep away from you if you give them half a chance.
Spiders, I s'pose, but if I'm weeding in very high stuff,
i wear gloves, 'cause there's thorny things there, too.

Wasps - now there's one I don't like.  One of those got me
last Saturday morning, but that was the first time in
several years.

But now, there is one poison critter that you've really got
to look out for, when they're about.  Politicians!!!  We just
had a primary election, and towards the end, some of them,
brain vipers they are, were spewing their venom right and 

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> I hope you don't mind, but with all the poisions critters you have
> how do you weed a garden with out being bit. ?
> I was thing about this while I was weeding at a balmy 72F. I don't
> worry about them.
> Byron