Re: [gardeners] No rain...???

George Shirley (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 10:59:31 -0500

penny x stamm wrote:
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> Well, George, we have had our own nightmare.  Electricity is
> expensive up here. Ordinarily we get a bill for June & July of
> about $350 and there are only two of us, but the house has
> 9 rooms and is air conditioned. This season the bill came in at
> $575 for the same period..  I tried 4 times to discuss it with
> Con Ed, but they are so automated that no customer service
> person ever gets on line. Instead, there is an announcement that
> if we are calling about the sudden rise in our electric bill, it was
> caused by the fact that we had 20 days over 90*, instead of our
> usual 5 days.  It takes more power to run an air conditioner when
> it is so hot outside, also to run the fridge, the freezer, just about
> everything. Fortunately, we cook with gas.
> I know that in summertime the price of gas & electricity goes up,
> because the usage rises -- even that's backwards, isn't it?  Next
> thing will be a letter to my congressman.......
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> Penny, NY
My goodness, that is a steep electric bill. Mine for July was $132.00
originally and after the PSC mandated rebates I ended up paying about
$80.00. This is for a 1985 square foot house (that's the area that is
heated and cooled) with gas hot water and a gas furnace. We cook with
electricity. We generally have a lot more than 20 days over 90F each
year and the humidity is high all year.

Do y'all have a high heating bill though? Ours is always in the range of
30-40 bucks a month in our winter (Dec-Jan).