Re: [gardeners] Rain

George Shirley (
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 11:06:07 -0500

Byron wrote:
> Well George & Alan
> At little get even time <<Grins>>
> 50F at night mid 70's daytime, Placing window A-C's in storage
> this weekend.
> Waiting to see what Dennis does before placing plastic on chile's and
> tomatoes.
> For the Northern teir tomato growers, the only variety around here that
> made it was the old Rutgers. My 45 day determinates planted May 30th
> are just showing some color, Brandywines are not going to make it.
> <<SOB>>
> No commerical green bells in this area this year.
> Found away to get some rain, everytime I spray fungicide, we get about
> a 1/4 in. of rain (last 6 weeks)
> Byron

Get 50F around here and everyone starts wearing winter coats. Sounds
like the kind of weather we like but I'm not giving up a 12 month
growing season for a little coolth.