Re: [gardeners] Rain

Rosemary Carlson (
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 00:19:57 -0400

Delurking for a minute to say hello to everyone and tell you that, here in
the hills of eastern KY, we are 7 inches behind on rainfall JUST for the
summer months. It is sooooo dry here - which is terribly disturbing when one
lives in the woods! Severe drought. Water restrictions. Just a step away
from water rationing. I quit watering plants WAY back in the summer except
to try to keep 2 new rhodies, 6 azaleas, and 1 mountain laurel alive.  So
far, I'm succeeding. The jury is out.  Even some of the huge, 100' forest
trees are dying. If the drought doesn't break, forest fire season won't be
fun the middle of the Daniel Boone National Forest!

It rained last week - briefly. Before that, I can't remember the last time
it rained. May perhaps?

Almost got eaten up by wasps today - trying to fill my hummingbird feeder.
Brought it inside to fill it. BIG mistake. Opened the top. Out swarmed
WASPS - inside my house. I ran....and they are all now dead. Didn't get
stung. A miracle!

Hope all of you are doing well! I'm working hard - as always - and that's
about all I'm doing!

Rosemary in the hills of eastern KY
zone 6