Re: [gardeners] Rain

penny x stamm (
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 02:21:27 -0400

Rosemary, we certainly do sympathize with you!  We had no rain
all of June and July, in fact not until last Thursday. Then it came
inside the house in 4 places, 1st time in 47 years!  Of course, it
also came inside all my neighbors' houses ...  There's a big rush
on hydraulic <???> cement (waterproof0 around here. 

It always looks as if Kentucky is getting rain on our weather maps. 
Is your whole state dry, or only your section ..?  My daughter in
St.Louis says it rains and rains all around them, but they have had
nothing in her area the entire summer..  

I will hope that the rains do finally come for you, and the forest 
fires can be held at bay...
Penny, NY zone 6

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